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SHERO FEST "Power Breath" Challenge

Let's Sadhana!

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Power Breath Practice (Bhastrika + Meditation)

Shero Fest is about triumph, bringing balance to our lives through transformations possible via celebratory sadhana.

What is sadhana? As I was taught, it's a spiritual practice you initiate with a strong sankalpa (intention) and for a specific amount of time.


For Shero Fest, I'm encouraging you all to join me in what I call "Power Breath Practice". This was the favorite breath practice of my belated and beloved (first) tantra teacher, Psalm Isadora. It is an honor to continue to share this practice that she learned from her Sri Vidya lineage guru, Sri Amritananda.

So what is our practice then? Well, I've made two videos for you. One is the teaching video, while the other one is a short follow-along video. The shorter video was created to use only after watching the teaching video at least once.

Teaching video

Follow along video

Why was this practice chosen for Shero Fest? Shero Fest is inpsired by the celebration of Navaratri. It is a 9 night and 10 day festivity honoring all the aspects of the Goddess, Durga. The tale of Durga is important for our time. "The world", in Her story, is on shaky ground so much so that the other gods feel threatened and call her in - to save them all. Everyone in Her story is experiencing a sense of ungroundedness, energy depletion through uncertainty and confusion. This challenge will provide us with a tool (breathing and meditation method) that will allow us to tap into Her power which will assist us in:

  • managing and balancing mental and emotional aspects of our being.
  • allowing us to feel immediately connected to the ground of being, the present moment.
  • helping us cultivate gratitude toward and appreciation of our physical body temples.
  • providing a sense of clarity and grounding.
  • dissolving egoic patterns.
  • building stamina and strengthening our energy bodies.

It's a great way for activists, starseeds, rainbow warriors, sheroes (all of us, our potential) to cultivate self-Love, build power, and shine bright!

The practice, as you will see in the videos, is equal amount of time Bhastrika breath balanced with equal time for "just being".

It is also perfectly acceptable to do shorter intervals, and it advised if it is new for you or if you are doing the challenge on your own. Why? Well, it's hard and I want you to succed.

What is important with sadhana is that you make and stick to a commitment. I advise you watch the teaching video, give it a try, and figure out what you can reasonbly commit to. It might only be a one or two minute version for you. Remember to keep the time balanced between active breath and rest portions.

So here's the steps to the challenge:

1) Form a sankalpa (or use the intention of pure motive above)

2) Watch the teaching video (above)

3) Form your committment surrounding this challenge - will you be joining the lives daily OR do you want to create your own sets and time intervals. Be realistic (doing a practice run with the explainer video to assist you with this). The idea is you do this everyday of Shero Fest.

4) Stick to your commitment!

5) Shero Fest Power Breath Challenge starts October 14th and ends October 24th.

Sankalpa (intention)

May we always start with intention. For your consideration, the intention of pure motive (as given by Hareesh):

I practice out of Love

For mySelf

With the desire to know the Truth

and for the benefit of all beings

Good luck and feel free to share what comes up for you. Inspirations, revelations, integrations!

IF you feel that this might be too hard but want SOME kind of sadhana practice during Shero Fest, please review the suggestions below.

Have questions? Ask directly on the Shero Fest WhatsApp group (join through the Shero Fest website).

Other Practices to engage in during Shero Fest

  • It's 9 nights of the Goddess, so commit to creating at minimum, a nightly practice
  • Stargaze
  • Sun Salutations
  • Spiritual hygiene
  • Altar building and Offerings
  • Fasting
  • Incubation -Rest, Restorative or Yin movement and reflection on Her sacred teachings and Nature
  • Meditation or spiritual contemplation
  • Time Shift clearing (literally cleaning house, clearing clutter in all forms, 
  • Daily energetic protection practices
  • Collaborating with or sharing of other Sheroes
  • Sunrise or Sunset (or both, several minute) shimmy.
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